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Easy Canton Fair

If purchase from the Canton Fair is your ordinary business activity, you certainly need our Canton Fair whole-course purchase service From the date your trip to China, we help arrange all your procurement activities, provide fair reports and order follow-up We have provide this service for the 8th year, it is enjoy great popularity among our customers, therefore this service is needed an advance reservation that we can well prepare to each of our customer

Your business representatives

In China, you don t need to invest the office and operations, we are in your office in China, and more professional and attentive service, the most important thing is you can conspicuous saving the money and worried You just give us authorization, we can represent your company to suppliers for purchase inquiry, receive samples, order follow up, inspection mass production and monitor container loading

Unique luggage printed design

We provide luggage printed design service, if only you propose a design demand, our professional designer will create the design according to your request We also have our original creative design can always satisfy your different needs, help you creating unique style and trend,eventually attract more attention and increase more sales

Trading Blog
How to ensure that our service quality

MT (Mike Trade Service) is a trade service provider, as a service team to maintain high quality service is equally important as traditional sales shop to buy a delicate, durable and affordable product Admittedly inevitably different service personnel due to the different operational capabilities caused different quality of service Here we see how MT (Mike Trade Service) to solve the puzzle to keep the consistent high quality service

How to ensure the interests of international trade buyers

Many trading companies and suppliers claimed that they consider their clients position and interests to during the deal or transaction Here we take a close look at what they really can provide to their customers and if their so-called win-win claim would be true

Advanced luggage importer's secret weapon:design

With assistance of professional design company, combine local market preferences, made out of the design, your luggage could possibly not standing out or attracting the eye?