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service features

Easy Canton Fair

Your fair secretary
  • We are very proud of our service, service's mission is customer satisfaction, and we did it.
  • In Canton Fair, some customers' phone balance been run out, our staff can help to recharge in 10 mins, we can even help to check every day and charge your phone before balance is out with your mobile inquiry code in China. Of course this is just a trivial instance, but our service is paying full attention to details to offer you caring and convenient services. 
  • Throughout the entire Fair, you just tell us your trip calendar , we will well arrange the air ticket, hotel reservation, pick up, hotel check in, car rent, meeting with supplies, etc., and provide the detailed schedule at the same time.
Professional Canton Fair purchase record report
  • We design the purchase record format and provide customers detailed record of daily fair purchases, the next morning customers can receive the fine typesetting paper report, while customers and their office also receive an electronic version report through email, for customers to make further purchasing decisions provide an important basis. 
  • The interesting thing is we have a customer meet his business friend every phase of the fair, our customer show him our report, his friend is so curious about how our reports can be so detailed and beautiful, our customer told him: "This is my professional report production team make it, they are very helpful, I check the reports every day to make purchase decisions.” Even more interesting is his business friends and competitors want to imitate what we do but just are unable to reach our professional level.
Ultrahigh value centralized samples send out
  • According to our statistics, the benefit of centralized samples send out service proportion accounted for 28.5% of our Canton fair whole-course purchase service.
  • The reason why such a high proportion accounted for centralized samples send out service is because this service indeed can save a lot of costs. 
  • Before our customers use our services, luggage samples are sent directly from different factories to customer’s office in their countries, each set luggage costs at least RMB1, 000 to send via express company. Our method of service is to collect luggage samples from different factories in Guangzhou, until to a certain amount of samples, and then centralized send to our customers all at one time. Apparently centralized samples send out is a much more economical and easy approach for our customers.
Sophisticated Fair orders follow up
  • We have an excellent follow-up management system and senior experienced specialist to follow up the subsequent orders from the fair. 
  • We adopt systematic and details approach in our work start from luggage inquiry to deliver the goods. We have clear record for quotation follow-up, sampling follow-up, centralized samples send out follow-up, detail packing follow-up, production process, inspection arrangements, on-site inspection table etc. that every detail so we have perfect system to querying and checking records.
On-site inspection to ensure quality
  • We are pay lots of attention to the factory's production process, we production time control management. 
  • On the key points of production process are checked with the factory production schedule, existing problem, solution to the problem, until the end of production.
  • We follow up factories to send the mass production samples and arrange on-site inspection. We have a dedicated on-site inspection process, our quality control staff in accordance with strict inspection standards, also make inspection reports.