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Your business representatives

What is a business representative?
  • We are your business representative in China, we are directly authorized service by your company. We will be the name of your company to communicate and negotiate to suppliers. We represent the interests of your company, equivalently your company's set up office in China directly.
What we do when represent our clients
  • You purchase any our service, we are representing your company to carry out our services. Services such as Canton fair whole-course purchase service, online purchase services, centralized sending samples, luggage appearance design, inspect mass production services, factory evaluation services. You choose what services you need. 
  • It is worth mentioning that our customers are highly praised and enjoy our combination service: Canton fair whole-course purchase service + luggage design service from the previous till now, which remarkably enhance their sales and significantly save the costs.
What problems can be solve when we represent our clients
  • We work essentially different from the normal trading companies, the traditional trade companies are middlemen, they are involved in the profit-sharing in trade sector, increasing buyers purchasing costs, as well middlemen prone to have integrity problem. 
  • These problems occurred primarily due to trading companies and buyers are separate entities. The reason why we are different, as we are the client's office, on behalf of customer, we represent our clients to deal directly with suppliers, which means customers can contact and communicate directly with factory, in this way cancel the intermediate links, avoid middlemen and other relevant issue afterwards same like the trading companies.
What are the savings when we represent our clients?
  • Different services can help customers to save different cost. Take our Canton Fair whole-course purchase service for example, we help one of our German customers to save RMB 90,000/year by centralized sending samples service, saving two local staffs, also saving RMB26,000 /year business activity expenses in China during Canton Fair which estimate total RMB94,000 /year operating cost has been saved. And as you can calculate, you will very glad to pay our service fee from the big savings via our services.
  • One of our Danish customers saves RMB 68,000/ year by our centralized sending samples service alone.
  • Also many customers through the purchase of our luggage appearance design boost their sales 30% increase than the past.
  • So many figures illustrated by themselves that our services are so helpful and valuable to all our customers.