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mike trade service introduction

Why offer us?

  • Starting point of our service is to save your money and worry. Be your business representative in China, we are your China office. For you save: China office set up cost, operations and management costs, labor costs, Canton Fair purchase costs, order follow-up time and energy, the cost of sending samples etc. To bring unprecedented convenience and savings that you can think of or did not think of.
  • Here is our one set of statistics: customer head-turn rate: 100%; take our Canton Fair whole- course purchase service for example, the average annual savings per customer RMB200,000/year..
  • In other words, once you start trying to use our service, you will quickly discover the advantages of using it, and surprised find out effectiveness so significant can bring by our services. Then you will choose us as your long-term stability business representative in China, continuing to create value for you, just like our other customers.
  • This is also the same vision as us, long-term relationships enable us to deeper understand our customers, also allows us to provide a more comprehensive caring customized services to further save costs via various aspects of purchase, forming a virtuous circle. Let us become your reliable long-term partner fully committed to be your sourcing engine in China.
  • You will find out saving the cost, worry and effort is this simple, your company's growth course will be divided into before meeting us and after we met. This is the shortcuts and tips for you easy to enhance company's competitiveness.