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How to ensure the interests of international trade buyers

How to ensure the interests of international trade buyers

Many trading companies and suppliers claimed that they consider their clients' position and interests to during the deal or transaction. Here we take a close look at what they really can provide to their customers and if their so-called win-win claim would be true.

First, the price. Within the trading, low purchase price from customer always accompanied by low profits from supplier as well, this is a zero-sum game. And the survival root of suppliers is that profit, from the price point of view, therefore, is more like a competition between buyers and sellers, rather than partnership.

Secondly, the terms of transaction. Terms of the transaction associated with the price as payment terms, payment period, the proportion of the deposit and balance due are clearly positively correlated with the price, the cost of these factors have already been involved in the offer into consideration. So whether it seems to be a good deal from the terms’ condition, in fact, it after all only belongs to a part of the quotation system.

Finally, the service content. Suppliers can do the top three most important things are:
a/ ensure the quality of goods, this is fundamental job suppliers should do well.
b/ to ensure delivery of goods, which is supplier’s responsibility should fulfill.
c/ to take the initiative to communicate with customers timely with kinds of transaction details to ensure smooth implementation of the order.

Suppliers make themselves achieve above three points are to be counted on qualified ones, however, we might found quite a few examples around that suppliers are not be able to reach basic rules or properly handle various possible situations happen during the order, these misoperations become headache for buyers as any of them would occur direct impact or even economic losses for them. Supply discuss how to protect the interests of their customers, majority is their good work and responsibilities based on their own, it‘s nothing to be related to customer's own interests. Yet most of the time as buyer and seller are in essence the antithesis, believing supplier to positive protect the interests of customers is unrealistic.

So this is why MikeTradeService stick to our core values of serve buyers, we can not protect the interests of buyers and the seller at the same time. We coordinate to smooth progress of the order and transaction, but we can only choose one party to defend.

Maintain the interests of buyer, not just in-depth communication with suppliers, coordinated follow-up orders, the main thing is to provide service for customers’ interests as principle in the whole process. Like how we deal with inquiry, MTS will choose professional production background or experiences suppliers to offer, but not limited to that, we also will send to the relevant qualify suppliers, try to maximize the potential choices for our buyer to choose. Also for our sample deliver service, we systemize the samples lot first before do the package for customer to minimize their international shipping freight.  One more example of sealing a deal, MTS will negotiating the best terms of the transaction initiatively discuss minimum deposit and the best terms of the transaction for our customers.

Only part of the examples above-mentioned,  do not need to remind by customers, MTSers  protect the interests of  buyers to carry out  in every aspect and detail at  work, it is MTSers’ belief, only stick to the principle of protecting the interests of the buyer, can be so meticulous and initiative to help to consider and deal with our customer orders.