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How to ensure that our service quality

How to ensure that our service quality

MT (Mike Trade Service) is a trade service provider, as a service team to maintain high quality service is equally important as traditional sales shop to buy a delicate, durable and affordable product. Admittedly inevitably different service personnel due to the different operational capabilities caused different quality of service. Here we see how MT (Mike Trade Service) to solve the puzzle to keep the consistent high quality service.

1.    Culture infiltration
By providing services of purchase in China to international buyers, to reflect MTer’s value by provide relevant services. Help customers save time and cost from the procurement chain, always represent the interests of customers is the most core principle of our services, which treasured as the founding of MT, and as MT ‘s culture to penetrate into every member and into every day of work, is enduring spirit stick inside MT.

2.    Internal competition mechanism
MT interior has two important mechanisms, one is the direct supervision from the operation management to every customer representative. Another is introducing competition among the team, not only within customer representatives in the team, but also competition among different operation teams. Healthy internal competition is generating an energized, mutual learning, review, and progress team together. In such beneficial cycle, every member is actively working, to maximize individual and team strength.

3.    Comprehensive training
In order to maintain high quality of customer service, we establish a comprehensive training system for each customer representative from screening to induction, after customer representative is posted, MT’s training and evaluation system will run through their entire service process, at the same time MT’s  operational management will coach our representative on one –to- one instruction. Continuously invest so much passion and effort into our training is only because MT deeply comprehends the extent of training is to direct feedback from the service results. The ongoing training program, preserve MT continued to maintain the advantage service quality in the industry, the whole team and customers benefit, in turn, prompt better service to our customers .

4.    Evaluation and feedback from customers
In addition to MT’s soft and rigid internal management tools to maintain high quality service for our team, introduction of external evaluation system is a very important part as well. We welcome and value customers’ feedback and suggestions, set up specialized channel to collect customer feedback, it do play an important role to promote MT’s development and progress.

Above means and methods are some efforts to ensure MT ‘s high quality of service. Constant changes between international market and environment, what’s unchangeable, is MTers continually to devote themselves to build their core strength , improve operational capabilities , providing careful and thorough trade services, as the excellent customer representative , to provide perfect procurement solutions and services to international buyers.