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China Sample Consolidation Service

Centralized sample send out can save 40% freight cost for you.

China Sample Consolidation Service

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Why do you need this service


  • After the fair remain each supplier separate send you the samples? Then you must have gone through these:
  1. Samples to follow one by one exhausted so much time.
  2. Samples from various suppliers are arriving on different time.
  3. Courier phone always interrupt the work every time.
  • If above are not yet count to big problems. These are likely to be big problems for you: 
  1. Received samples are not the same as what you require!
  2. Received Sample was found damaged, cannot be used! 
  3. Each suppliers' sample arrive respectively arrive, each freights are very expensive.
  • Maybe it is your first time heard this convenient and cost saving service, but this service is one of our mature products, from years of experience tells us our centralized sample send out can  save average 40% every time for our customers.
  • Received warm welcome and high praise from our customers, so we are very confident and sincerely recommend to you, once you use our service centralized sample send out service, you will not go away from this premium service, just like our other customers.

What we can do for you are


  • Our China Sample Consolidation Service is start from contact and confirm samples with supplier, and then will proceed unpacking, inspection, packing, consolidation and a series of work until samples are safely arrive on your hands in time. In addition to avoiding all kinds of troubles above and potential problems, but also the very important point is: to save your money!

  • Every sample sending can significant save your logistics costs, the saving cost can even more than the logistics costs your paid. We will send you sample list before samples send out every time, which enable you clearly knowing what samples are going to on the way; each sample to ensure correct and well packed; our personnel responsible follow up entire samples tracking until receipt.

  • We fully knowing each individual saving can help you increase profit, enhance competitiveness. This is the direction we always strive hard, to provide you with the most efficient and thoughtful service.

  • Contact us now! You can immediately experience our exclusive centralized sample sending out service of professional, convenient, and cost savings!

How we do it


  • When you have sample demand of different suppliers, we help you to follow-up and handle the samples.

  • We individually contact each factory, according to the quality and quantity of your sample request, collect samples from various suppliers. Each sample will be unpacked first to check if they are correct, in good quality, complete quantity, packaging and protect properly, after check everything off, then we will re-packaged them to reduce the volume of total samples. Attach the sample list and give suggestions in accordance with the express delivery freight level to you. Send out the samples in time by your request, and help track the goods until you receive them.

  • We carefully check for you to avoid the mistakes from supplier such like sent out the wrong sample, or unexpected damage samples when you received, kinds of unexpected circumstances lead to time-consuming and waste money. Our service is your first choice to sample security which allows you capture every precious opportunity and timing easily and unhurriedly.

  • Addition to be your sample escort, we also provide valuable package service, according to the nature and categories of the goods, then we proceed unpacking, packing, bundling, reinforcing, identifying and sample merger process, significantly saving you logistics space and the expenses.

  • We will give you tip and suggestion on which sample volume to reach the lowest rates as per your existing goods, take advantage of the rules of logistics charge, help you save more costs in further way.

  • Our long-term cooperation with logistics companies and our centralized sample send out service, enable greatly reducing the cost of sample delivery, minimize your logistics costs, means increase profits. Our customers already saved RMB 9000 (around USD 1,500) freight cost by annual from this service.

  • Before send out the samples, we will send you a list of upcoming samples for your confirmation, after your confirmation, we will promptly arrange the send out,  monitor and track the entire transit, and update the latest status to you.

  • The whole process from sample collecting, collating, packing, shipping, receiving, you have us to monitor and regularly update to you, you only need to wait for the courier deliver the goods to door. You can enjoy convenient and efficient by our complete services allow you have more time and energy focus on your sales.