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Canton fair purchase service

All the purchase services you want are all here! Save money,
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Canton fair purchase service

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Why you need this service?


  • You need lighthearted Canton Fair business trip, you will need our professional whole-course fair purchase service. 
  • Before the fair, proper pre-arrange business travel schedule, factory inspections, negotiate with suppliers and other activities, and preparing Canton Fair visit plans and meeting with suppliers.
  • During the fair, we assist you translation and communication, take your purchase record on site, issue timely daily purchase report, let your  purchase representative and related department knowing the newest update of the suppliers and their products, which allow you to grasp the initiative, quick decision-making, improve communication efficiency. 
  • After the fair, we will follow up the detail photo quotes and requested samples, fully prepared for the order. To communicate with suppliers with detail according to your requirements, also you can choose our mass goods inspection, factory evaluation etc. and other value added services.
  • From the beginning of sourcing until mass goods deliver, for you to follow-up, management, control the orders, help you not only save money and effort but also improve the efficiency and effectiveness. Let our caring and professional services to help you to easy buy, easy profit.
  • One of our customers in Germany, the average annual purchase amount for luggage is RMB 6,048,000(around USD 1,008,000) from Canton fair. We saved about RMB 400,000 (around USD 66,667) for the client. Details are as follows:

1)Centralized send out sample had saving freight RMB 90,000 (around USD 15,000)


  • Sending 20m³samples/year, total sample freight by express is RMB 110,000 (around USD 18,333)
  • Sample send to Germany from different factory, each set sample freight RMB 1,000 (around USD167), calculation base on 0.1m³/set, 20m³/0.1=200 sets,200*1000=RMB 200,000.
  • Saving cost: 200000-110000= RMB 90,000/ year

2)Order follow up saving labor cost RMB 288,000 (around USD 48,000)


  • Our customer reduced two local assistants, in Germany 2 assistant salary RMB 12,000(around USD 2,000) / month (base on local legal minimum wage), RMB 288,000 (around USD 48,000)/2 persons/ year.

3)Business activities in China saving cost RMB 26,000 (around USD 4,333)


  • Hotel booking for Canton Fair, specialized agencies service fee RMB 1,000. 
  • Car rental for Canton Fair, specialized agency service fee RMB 1,000. 
  • China air tickets reservation, specialized agency service fee RMB 1,000. 
  • Translation during the fair time RMB 500/ day, the third phase of Canton Fair is five days, twice a year for 10 days, 500 * 10 = RMB 5,000/ Year. 
  • Chinese factories visit arrangements and accompanied the visit, two factories per 1 fair time, RMB4000 / fair time, 4000 * 2 = RMB 8,000 / Year 
  • Fair purchase records and reports (exclude report issued the next day service), 1000 / person / day, 1000 * 10 = RMB 10,000/ Year
  • Total saving cost=90000+288000+26000=RMB 404,000 (around USD 67,333) /Year 

What we can do?


  • Before Canton Fair to arrange Chinese domestic hotels, transportation ticketing; 
  • During the fair to arrange airport car rent and pick up; 
  • During the Fair arrange dining, conference; 
  • accompany you to visit the fair, responsible for the translation, records and reports; 
  • Orders follow-up from the fair; 
  • We centralized send out your ordered samples; 
  • During production process we follow up, inspection, monitoring container loaded for you.

What we do it?



1)The early stage of the Canton fair


  • Canton Fair preparation
  1. get ready for the Canton Fair entry badge
  2. Business cards printing, mobile phone recharge, foreign currency exchange, etc. 
  3. factory booths to visit list gathering
  4. fair inquiry records and fair purchasing report the next day 
  5. Business travel services: hotels, airport pick up, car rental, travel-related schedule
  • Arrange and accompanied to the factory inspection and negotiation
  1. Air tickets, train tickets
  2. Hotel chosen and reservation
  3. Airport pick up
  4. Travel and transportation information
  5. Business trip schedule print out for customer
  • Confirm meeting time and related trip schedule and prepare meeting materials
  1. Factory basic information gathering let you have a basic understanding on factory.
  2. Advance communicate the meeting key points with customer, ask factory to prepare ahead.
  3. Prepare and print out order list (apply tor old suppliers)
  4. Provide the meeting report for the same day.

2)During the Canton fair


  • on site communication
  1. Compare suppliers and products together with you in the fair. Help to translation, assist communication and negotiation with suppliers, to allow smooth communication between two sides. 
  2. Especially for many European customers, English is not their first language, also it is new contact with factory, two sides are not familiar with each other, we can help you to solve the barriers of language and culture, to act as a bridge between two parties, transmit your needs and questions, ask what you want, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication.
  • On site record
  1. Use our special design fair record format base on years’ experience, including picture, price, minimum order quantity, delivery time, payment terms , as well as client’s special requests. 
  2. Our professionals will help you communicate while record the various key points of your discussions with the factory and the products.
  • provide the fair report of product record, print it out and send to your mailbox on the next day
  1. You can receive a paper version and an electronic version of the report right on the next day. So you can literally take the report while walking around the booths and make comparison at the same time, it is very concise and clear, you can save valuable time, substantially increase efficiency, so allow you to focus on looking for better products, much easier to compare suppliers and detail dealing points. Easy to find the desirable suppliers, make your fair procurement easy and efficient. 
  2. The electronic version report will send to you and your company's e-mail box, let your team just see the fair like you, thus enable your company easy access to the latest product information, quick communication and decision-making, time is money, let you easily lead before other competitors. 
  3. This is the secret to let you simple and easy while with everything under control, and this is also the goal our team making full effort to reach.
  • Arrange car rental, reserve restaurant, contact activities with suppliers outside the fair, and provide assistance services.
  1. According to your needs, we custom arrange your business travel and trip, no matter is shuttle pick up for business activities, arrange business activities  before and after the Canton fair; or you want to have relax after a busy tired day of work. We can help you arrange properly, allows you to enjoy convenient and ease travel service.

3)After the Canton fair


  • Quotation Follow up 
After the fair, we contact with the factory to get the detailed photo quotation, with our mail remind, you can log in our services system in our website, anywhere and anytime, you can comparing various quotes from different suppliers first time.
  • Samples follow up
After you select the right supplier, just clicks on our service system, we can confirm with factory all the sample details base on the your choice, sample lead time, sample fee, etc. information feedback to you.
After your confirmation, we will promptly follow up the sample making schedule so that you can receive the correct samples in time, show to the customer then enable order confirmation as soon as possible.
  1. After obtain samples from different suppliers, we will centralize deal with your samples. Upon receipt of the samples, we will open every packing box to check whether samples are correct, intact, the packaging properly protect or not. To avoid mistakes due to supplier sent the wrong sample, or you just received the sample but found various unexpected damage which are time-consuming and money-consuming to solve, our service will be an excellent insurance for the your samples, enable you seize every opportunity and valuable time point calmly.
  2. Addition to be your sample escort, we also provide valuable packaged service, according to the nature and categories of the goods, we will conduct the samples unboxing, packing, bundling, reinforcing, identifying and then proceed final packing, space-saving of the logistics, that is money saving for your logistics expenses.
  3. We will check and give you suggestion on what samples amount to reach it’s the lowest freight rate, further technically save logistics costs for you.
  4. Before samples send out, we will provide the upcoming sample list to you. After your confirmation, we will promptly arrange send out, and monitor the entire transit process, update you the latest status.
  5. From samples collecting, collating, packing, mailing, and deliver the entire process, you have us to monitor and regularly update to you, you only need wait for courier deliver to door at ease.
  • Order follow up
After you satisfactorily the received quotation and sample, we will follow up order throughout the whole process. When fully understanding your detail requirement of the orders, we carefully check and communicate with factories points by points, and  with our highly qualified professionals' knowledge enable to help to predict problems that may occur, to ensure supplier is fully produce the goods exactly according to your requirements. We also assist handle order problem after your receipt of the goods. We always stand on your position to seeking the maximum benefit for you.
  • Inspection services
Our team has years inspection experience of luggage, provide professional inspection service, besides current industrial certificate standards, we have our designed set of luggage standards, professional, comprehensive and thoughtful inspection standards, our inspection personnel is to inspect the goods based on objective and fair criteria.
Assessment and detailed inspection report will send to you at the same day, also solutions will be provided to problem when we found any. Let us be your hands and eyes, help you to receive the goods desired.