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Factory evaluation

Factory evaluation is a perfect starting point for order. 48 hours to break your doubts on suppliers.

Factory evaluation

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Why you need this service


  • Meet new supplier? Never been to the factory? Can you safely put money and orders to them? Only investigation knows! 
  • Our evaluation service provides your insight and perspective to break down your concerns, to avoid potential risks and losses.

What can we do for you


  • For your specific needs, we offer two evaluation standards: online evaluation and onsite evaluation for your choice.
online evaluation
  • Through careful communication with factory, combined with internet tools multidimensional crossing investigation, verification, provide detailed and objective online evaluation report.
onsite evaluation
  • On the Basis of online evaluation, adding our unique inspection standard and process to inspect the factory on site, we will provide you both online also onsite factory evaluation reports, let you have a 360-degree view of supplier.

How we do it


  • Benefit from years’ experience in luggage industry, our unique evaluation standards and procedures together with well-trained professional evaluator to provide objective and impartial evaluation and professional multi-dimensional audit for you. Also giving the corresponding descriptions and opinions, which not only survey the quality questions may cause accident, but also provides corrective information to supplier. 
  • Within 48 hours complete evaluation report is sent to your mailbox speedily, supplier transparency significantly reduce your uncertainty and worry brought from potential transaction risk, allow you easily purchase competitive luggage in China.