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Online sourcing services

We turn over China to source for you!

Online sourcing services

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Why you need this service


  • With the help of our years' industry experience sourcing staff, find your target product from the vast internet. Increase the chances to find out the product for you, to solve the language barrier and understanding inconformity, saving your time and effort. What equally important is, we help to pre-audit the chosen suppliers, help you to quickly find the reliable supplier which can meet your requirements.

How we do it


  • We look for the proper product from China’s major B2B platforms. And audit the alternative suppliers with our professional supplier audit standards and assessments. The assessment to your final chosen supplier greatly reduces the uncertainty and potential risks due to internet transaction. Start from the beginning of the procurement, to fully provide you with professional control and meticulous services, so you can easily benefit from competitive manufacture in China.

supporting service:collect and send samples


  • We provide supporting collect and send samples service to orders. After you signed the "Online sourcing service" agreement, we will confirm the required sample details with factory, update the detail, lead time and cost, you. After your confirmation, we will carry on the sample follow-up and send out procedure, enable you to receive correct sample in good condition to show to customer timely which shows the immediate effect of increasing your sales.

supporting service:subsequent order follow up


  • After you satisfy the quote and sample then confirm the order, we follow up and manage the entire order process for you. Base on comprehensive understanding of the detailed order request, we carefully communicate and check with factory one by one. Our high quality professional control, manage orders, and predict problems that may occur, to ensure the supplier produce goods fully according to your requirements. We also assist solve problem during and after your receipt of the goods, we will always stand on your position as your representative for your best interests.