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Product inspection

Within 24 hours let you to know the goods production condition, so to pay at ease.

Product inspection

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Why you need this service


  • Before production's shipment and balance payment, how can you know if the goods quality and packaging details requirements live up to the contract and your requirements?
  • Our inspection service strictly checks on the goods' quality and quantity, enable you to receive the goods satisfy your expectation! At the first time to discover the possibility on defective problems and delivery delays, and assist to give solution immediately, and monitor supplier to take emergency and remedial measures. Avoid any potential accident lead to your money and reputation losses.

How we do it


  • Benefit from years’ experience in luggage industry, our unique inspection standards and processes with the well-trained inspector can provide an objective, impartial and multi-dimensional inspection assessment to you. 
  • Within 24 hours the complete inspection report will speedy send to your mailbox, enable you clear the goods' condition just a glance, then we will follow your decision, to permit the shipment, or if approve the results of supplier corrective measure when found problems.
  • Let us be your hands and eyes, monitor and inspect your goods at the final step before delivery, to maximum reduce the risk of the goods' quality, let you receive the expected quality and quantity goods as scheduled, it's a perfect ending for orders. Remarkably reduce the subsequent risk lead from suppliers, clear the goods condition, allow you ease and relieved on the balance payment to supplier.

Our trade service type introduction


  • According to your different needs, we provide in-line inspection, post production inspection, monitor container loading services.
  • In-line inspection:  examine on the semi-finished or finished goods from assembly line and production line. When found flaws and deviations, we help supplier to correct errors with effective advices, and urge proper implementation. Let your important orders produce on time and fully in accordance with the quality requirements.
  • Post production inspection: After the production and package complete, before  delivery (usually 80% packaged of 100% finish goods), we check the goods details such like the quantity of goods, technology, features, colors, sizes and packaging and other details. At the same time we do AQL sampling inspection comply with your request.
  • After goods inspection our inspector stay in the factory or warehouse to checks if container in clean condition and proper loading conditions, for you to check and supervise production loading condition. The final step for goods to leave factory, meanwhile also it's the starting point to secure you to receive the expected goods.