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The main members


Technical expert

Technical expert in our team, proficient in web technology, software technology, Internet marketing, our Internet technology is supported by Mike.
Since the team was founded, and gradually developed into a combination of business system, website, mobile phone service tool integration trinity technical support system, which laid a solid foundation towards the standardization , convenient, efficiency of our services.

Due to our unique Internet technology applications, we have formed a very efficient mode: business dealings, production follow up, process adjustments among customers, our team and suppliers. This is all owed to our technical expert: mike.

Mike in the future will furthermore design and develop business system functions beneficial to communication, follow-up operations, business analysis for our services and our customers. Improve the user experience of our services, continuing to improve our services quality.


Foreign trade industry expert

The purpose of our service is to provide customers sourcing in China have convenient and comprehensive purchase experience; efficient and optimized assist mode; completely represent the interests of customers; maximize business cost savings to customers; so to improve the overall efficiency for our customers.

Our business expert Gwenis your import business keeper, Gwen fluent in English, familiar with the foreign trade procurement links. Gwen designed our service products to meet your various needs in foreign trade purchase.

Moreover, with the thorough standardization of our services, Gwen also constantly thinking and planning standardization processes in the field of foreign trade, including personnel training of business skills and operations ; level identification of merchandizers; procurement and related business payment escrow, etc.


Foreign trade order expert

Your order follow-up expert Iris, she is the core of our operate execution, your order will be followed up and managed by her, it is because of Iris's operate ability allows you have a brand new experience by our services: you can sit back and relax.

Iris is also our customer feedback center during the whole services process, she will promptly collect and feedback your comments and suggestions, plays a vital role to continually enhance our services for our customers.


Luggage appearance designer

In addition to our classic luggage purchase services, we also specially provide the luggage appearance design service to our advanced customers. Our designer Dora is the founder of the service, giving artistic soul to luggage, enable luggage filled with taste and style just like their owner.

Dora graduated from art academy, has deep knowledge of art, as an original arts and photography lover nourish her original ability and aesthetic insights.
A resonant and creative design is always her pursuit. "Appearance of the luggage designed humane to allow it more than just a container,' she 'also is a small companion to the owner" Dora said.


Foreign Trade Business Consultant

What you see now is the service model we provide compared to the traditional foreign trade companies is essentially different: the interests of trading company and customer are not unified, while we provide services on behalf of customers' interests.

Rita is the pioneer of this customer-oriented service mode which focuses on the interests of customers. Rita worked in traditional trade company for 10 years, she knew well there are many problems exist when customer cooperate with the traditional trading companies.
With intention to improve service model, she constantly explore new models and eventually she received the enlightenment of "customer is God". Acknowledge as long as standing in the customer's position to see the problem, could be able to find a suitable model as solution.